Our Licensing System

Full Service – Shared Costs

The Structured Directory of Medical Care serves as the basis for a wide variety of unique services. It can support patients in their search for physicians, and institutions and companies can use it to reach their defined target groups.

Thanks to the large number of licensees, these benefits come at a comparatively low price for the necessary license since the costs for maintenance and updates are shared by many partners and budgets.

We use the proceeds from all license fees to maintain the Structured Directory and to develop it further so we can continuously increase the benefits for our customers. Currently, around 100 license partners benefit from services from the Structured Directory.

The advantages at a glance:

Ein Server.
As a license partner, you can choose between many options of how to integrate your tailored Doctor Search technically.


Our license partners can conveniently access current addresses and additional information at any time.

No maintenance effort for our partners

Our partners do not need to provide resources for the continuous maintenance of addresses and details – we take care of that.

Continuous development of content

We are constantly expanding the content of the Structured Directory to respond to changing needs and current events. For example in 2020, at the request of licensing partners, we researched all accessible Corona testing sites and vaccination centers within a few days and temporarily integrated them into the directory.

Technically up-to-date

Our Arzt-Auskunft (Doctor Search) is also constantly being refined and enhanced technically. Every partner automatically benefits from all our technical innovations and improvements.

More customer loyalty due to improved service

Website and app owners can offer their users an interactive service that precisely meets the wishes and needs of their target group.

Integration of in-house search criteria

Search algorithms and in-house attributes defined by license partners can be linked to the Structured Directory and displayed exclusively in their respective services.

Individual design and functionaliy

Content, functionaliy, search criteria and layout can be defined individually and according to the corporate design of our partners.

Constant availability for full functionality

Emergency power supply and the use of redundant fiber optic lines and fall-back systems ensure online availability of 99.85 percent.