Arzt-Auskunft Professional (Doctor Search Professional) for Institutional Users

The Tool for Health Insurance Professionals

Eine Call-Center-Mitarbeiterin nutzt die Arzt-Auskunft Professional.
As a health care provider, you can use the Arzt-Auskunft Professional to provide your members with the best possible help in finding specialized physicians for their needs – e.g. via your specialized call center.

In most cases, patients who ask their health insurance provider for help in finding a doctor for a specific therapy benefit from our Arzt-Auskunft Professional (Doctor Search Professional). That’s because almost every large health insurance provider as well as many small ones use our research tool to advise their members. The list of our licensees ranges from the Allianz to the specialized call center of the AOKs and the BARMER to the Techniker Krankenkasse.

We reach 75 million insured persons

75 of the approximately 83 million people in Germany are insured with a provider whose doctor search is based on our Structured Directory of Medical Care. The Arzt-Auskunft Professional offers health insurance companies and their service providers access to significantly more information than the public Doctor Search on the Internet. The public version, for example, shows only those specialties of physicians that they choose to communicate. In contrast, the professional version includes more than 4.500 indications, diagnoses and therapy focuses. In addition, there are many further differentiations and selection options, such as medical information, service offerings and accessibility.

Due to the enormous complexity of the Arzt-Auskunft Professional, we do not offer its use on the public web. Our versatile tool is only available to institutional users with the expert knowledge necessary to understand and use the wide variety of options. But even in this way, it ultimately benefits patients.

More customer loyalty due to efficient customer service

With the help of the Arzt-Auskunft Professional, trained service staff members will be able to answer even complex patient inquiries: Is there a dentist in Mannheim who treats anxiety patients and has office hours on Saturdays? Where can you find a general practitioner’s office in Dresden with orientation aids for visually impaired patients? Or an English-speaking orthopedist with waiting times in the office of less than 30 minutes? Employees of service departments and specialist call centers can quickly find the answers in the Arzt-Auskunft Professional.

The all-round carefree package of the Arzt-Auskunft Professional

Arzt-Auskunft Professional can be integrated into all common systems and individually adapted to the organizational structures and the workflow of every licensee. Of course, we also pass on future technical developments in search technology, new functions and address updates to our cooperation partners. This way, we ensure that our licensees and their service centers have full access to all the latest details at all times.

Test the Arzt-Auskunft Professional!

You would like to convince yourself of the performance and possibilities of our Arzt-Auskunft Professional for your company? We would be happy to set up a test account that gives you access to the demo version of our service tool for call centers. Simply call us at 040 80 90 87 – 0, or send us an e-mail to

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“Well-informed patients can contribute to successful treatment themselves. The Arzt-Auskunft Professional allows us to establish health services that ensure individualized medical care and contribute to prevention.”

Horst-Günter Bohnenkamp, Managing Director of 4 Sigma