Arzt-Auskunft (Doctor Search) for Your Website, App or eGA

Customized Doctor Search as a Service for Your Users

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The Arzt-Auskunft offers you a service tailored to the needs of your target group – without any research or maintenance effort on your side.

The Arzt-Auskunft is a physician search tool for patients based on information from the Structured Directory of Medical Care.
Patients can find suitable doctors in their vicinity – or at any other desired location in Germany – using detailed search criteria.

The underlying directory includes details of the approximately 380.000 physicians in private practice, dentists, psychological psychotherapists, clinics, emergency facilities and senior clinicians in Germany who are actively involved in patient care. The Structured Directory is constantly kept up-to-date by the address research team of the Stiftung Gesundheit.

Interactive tool with high benefits

As the provider of a website, app or electronic health record, you can offer your target group the benefits of a doctor search which is exactly tailored for their needs. As a license partner, you receive your own customized version of the Doctor Search – in your in-house look & feel and with the best choice of technical integration for your needs. You will be able to offer an interactive tool with a high user value that convinces users and attracts new ones without even having to think about research or maintenance.

Your Doctor Search – tailored to your target group

Thanks to the modular system of the Doctor Search, you can choose your own set of content and functions to meet the needs of your users:

Combine your Doctor Search from many options.
You receive a Doctor Search that is individually tailored to your needs using freely combinable modules.

For example, your users could…

  • search all 380.000 entries for matching physicians near their residence or any location of choice in Germany
  • filter by opening hours, for example in the evening or on weekends
  • search for doctor’s offices with specific features of accessibiliy, such as step-free access or orientation aids for the visually impaired
  • and much more

Of course, your Doctor Search can also be focussed locally, regionally or in terms of content. For example, you could only display doctors from a specified region or only those that focus on a specific subject area.


“In 2017, we were looking for a user-friendly solution for a doctor search with high performance and manipulation security. In Stiftung Gesundheit, TK has found a reliable partner that implements our requirements in an agile, flexible and secure manner.”

Klaus Rupp, Head of the Supply Management Department of Techniker Krankenkasse

Options for technical integration: The choice is yours!

As a provider of a portal, website, app or electronic health record (eGA), you can integrate our Doctor Search into your system in various ways:

Integration via an interface (API)

The search criteria that users enter on your website are forwarded to our servers via an interface programmed especially for you, which sends the answer back to your website within a few milliseconds. All this happens in the background, invisible to the user. Your Doctor Search is completely perceived as your own service. You control the look of the search and results pages and can update them at any time – for example, in case of a corporate design change. BKK Mobil Oil and 4sigma are examples of licensees which use this kind of implementation.

Integration in apps

The Doctor Search can also be integrated into apps in a similar way. A specially created interface provides the appropriate search results, which you can display in your app. One example of this is the Gothaer health app.

Implementation as a full-service website

Alternatively, we can implement your Doctor Search as a technically independent website. With this all-round carefree package, we take care of the creation and technical maintenance of your Doctor Search in addition to providing the underlying information. The HTML files are stored on our servers and maintained by us. Of course, your website is created in coordination with you in order to match your corporate identity. We have implemented this, for example, for the TK-Ärzteführer (physician guide), the BARMER Arztsuche (physician search) or the DAK Gesundheit Arztsuche (physician search).

Do you still have questions? Would you like to discuss your individual ideas and needs with us? Contact us at or 040 / 80 90 87 – 430: We will be happy to assist you.