Arzt-Auskunft (Doctor Search)

How to find a doctor via Arzt-Auskunft

The Arzt-Auskunft is a comprehensive directory of all physicians, dentists, psychological psychotherapists, clinics and facilities for medical emergencies. In 1997, the Arzt-Auskunft set out to bring patients and doctors together. It also provides information on more than 1,000 diagnostic and therapeutic specifications from acupuncture to zoom imaging.
This service is independent and commercial free. Patients use the Arzt-Auskunft free of charge.

Auswahl der Kooperations-Partner der Arzt-Auskunft.
About 100 Partners use the information collected in the Arzt-Auskunft as basis for their Doctor Search Services
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The Arzt-Auskunft via telephone

Within Germany, patients can contact the Arzt-Auskunft via the free-of-charge telephone number: 0800 – 7 39 00 99
(Monday–Friday: 9 am–5pm)

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Arzt-Auskunft online

Patients can use the Arzt-Auskunft online search on They can choose between a quick search and a step by step option. The latter will guide them through the search process one step at a time. In the quick search, patients simply type a keyword into the search engine. Search terms can include for example location, a diagnosis, treatment, or the name of a specific doctor.

Stiftung Gesundheit’s Arzt-Auskunft is also incorporated into many partner portals on the internet including, for example, those of many health insurers.


Accessibility: Looking for doctors’ offices with special features

Through the Arzt-Auskunft, patients can find doctors’ offices that meet the particular requirements they need. These accessibility characteristics include physical features, such as ramps for people in wheelchairs, as well as service offerings such as sign language interpreters and special arrangements for the visually impaired. Find more details about the project Accessible Practice on the Stiftung Gesundheit Fördergemeinschaft’s (Public Health Foundation Support Association) website.

Arzt-Auskunft Professional

For corporate use or use in restricted areas of public websites, Stiftung Gesundheit also provides the Arzt-Auskunft Professional. While the Arzt-Auskunft ( is for direct use by patients, the Arzt-Auskunft Professional is targeted at healthcare insurers and other institutional clients. This directory is even more comprehensive than the publicly available Arzt-Auskunft and requires users with experience in the healthcare sector, such as case managers of insurance companies or qualified call center staff. Public and private health insurance companies use the Arzt-Auskunft Professional to provide a special service for their customers, for example, via a call center with professionally trained staff. Health website providers have included customized versions of the Arzt-Auskunft in their websites.

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