Research and Surveys

Research and Surveys realized by Stiftung Gesundheit

Few areas are as subject to the fast pace of change as is the medical sector. New developments require for instance that medical professionals implement quality management systems, cope with patients’ online ratings of the doctor’s office, and address technological, business and healthcare policy issues.

What is the current sentiment and outlook of physicians in Germany? What is the state of quality management and patient safety? Stiftung Gesundheit commissions representatives studies in such areas and more in cooperation with universities and other research facilities. Areas of additional interest include doctors’ ratings, practice accessibility and further topics which foster transparency in healthcare.

Doctors in the Emerging Healthcare Market

This series of surveys asks resident doctors once a year about their economic situation, marketing measures and other topics of interest, which vary from year to year.

All Doctors in Emerging Healthcare Market Surveys (in German)

Medical Climate Index for Resident Healthcare Professionals

Quarterly, this survey determines the economic expectations resident healthcare professionals hold for the immediate future. Until 2021, Doctors, dentists and psychological psychotherapists were invited to take part. Since 2022, also pharmacists and non-medical practicioners are included in the survey.

All Medical Climate Index Surveys (in German)

Quality Management and Patient Safety

This series of annual representative studies started in 2007. Over the course of the years, the series has focused on different subjects within the overall topic, i.e. the progress physicians are making in implementing quality management directives, practical experiences in the doctors’ daily routines and other topics of interest, such as patient safety and hygiene.

All Quality Management Surveys (in German)

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