The Structured Directory of Medical Care

X-ray Insights Into the Health Care Landscape

Deutschlandkarte, die Verteilung der Ärzte zeigt (Symbolbild).
The Structured Directory offers detailed insights into the German health care landscape.

There are approximately 530.000 physicians in Germany. About 380.000 of them are actively practicing in patient care – as registered physicians, dentists and psychological psychotherapists or as employed physicians in practices, clinics and medical care centres. They all differ in specialties and subspecialties, equipment and accessibility.

Always up-to-date

The Structured Directory of Medical Care provides valuable insights into this multi-layered and dynamic landscape. The Directory is maintained and updated regularly by the Stiftung Gesundheit. We keep the adresses of every health care provider in Germany up-to-date by continuously checking and updating the database.

Structured knowledge for everyone’s benefit

The Structured Directory can be used in a variety of ways: It feeds app- and web-based doctor searches. Health insurance provoiders and specialized call centres can use it for advising their members. In addition, we support a variety of research projects and offer journalists an analyzing tool as well as contacts for interviews and research.

Find out more about the possible uses of the Structured Directory here.

Contents of the Structured Directory

580.000 active health care providers

  • all practising physicians
  • all practising dentists
  • all practising psychological psychotherapists
  • all senior clinicians
  • all clinics and rehabilitation clinics with their specialized departments
  • all emergency facilities
  • all practitioners in medical care centres
  • employed practitioners in practices
  • non-medical health care professionals (pharmacies, midwives, physiotherapists, speech therapists, etc.)

Extensive possibilities for selection

  • more than 4.500 attributes, fields of practice, specializations, subspecializations, additional designations, diagnostic and therapeutic focuses
  • types of contracts: private practice or employed, billing via health insurance provider, purely private or authorised
  • DMP supervising/coordinating doctors – equipment – language skills on the team – consultation hours including evening and weekend consultation hours
  • highly differentiated degrees of accessibility for the doctor’s office, e.g. suitable for wheelchair users or people with visual or hearing impairments – access (public transport, parking spaces, etc.)
  • quality management (QM) and certified QM
  • appointment booking options (online, by e-mail, by fax, via call-back)
  • waiting times in doctor’s offices or MVZs
  • patient services such as home visits, reminders for preventive medical check-ups

Geographic and sociographic information

  • Geographical coordinates (house number accurate)
  • Patient satisfaction (based on recommendations by patients)
  • Medical reputation (based on recommendations by colleagues)
  • Biographical information (e.g. seniority, details of medical career)
  • Catchment area (large city, small town, rural region, conurbations)