The Wissenschaftskalender: reaching doctors in a targeted way

Subject-specific communication via e-mail newsletter

Mann spricht auf einem Ärzte-Kongress.
With the science calendar you transport your message to the exactly fitting medical target group.

Medicine and medical education need targeted communication. The Wissenschaftskalender (Science Calendar) of the Stiftung Gesundheit serves as a precise instrument: As an established e-mail newsletter, it transports your content precisely to the appropriate target group.

The basis for the customized selection of addressees is our Structured Directory – the most comprehensive and differentiated directory of physicians active in patient care in Germany.

Your individual news content

  • Congresses
  • Symposia
  • Trainings
  • Webinars
  • Specialized news and services

We transport your news with the science calendar precisely to those physicians for whom it is relevant. A link in the newsletter then takes physicians to your desired landing page, where they can find more detailed information on the topic or the registration form for your event.

Der Wissenschaftskalender erreicht präzise Ihre gewünschte Zeilgruppe, infirmiert Ärzte über relevante Termine, News und Service-Infos und verweist per Link auf Ihre Landingpage.
Accurate, relevant, on-target: Stiftung Gesundheit’s science calendar is tailored to the needs of busy physicians.

High acceptance, high opening rates

The professional editorial preparation and the fact that physicians only receive the science calendar if it contains information that is relevant to them ensure a high level of acceptance and high open rates among recipients: this means that your content is not only sent out, but also perceived positively.

Portraitfoto des Zitatgebers.

“The science calendar enables us perfectly to reach the target group of ENT specialists and inform them about events or important news. Reliably and without adressing anyone for whom the news are not interesting. A great idea!”

Dr. Uso Walter, Chairman of the Board of HNOnet

Extensive selection options for customized choice

Thanks to more than 4.500 combinable features, we can precisely select and specifically address medical specialty target groups. In this way, we reach exactly those physicians with the appropriate specialties, sub-specialties or even subspecialties. This is a great advantage for organizers of training courses and congresses, professional societies as well as institutes and research facilities that want to disseminate subject-specific news and event information to physicians in a targeted manner.

For example, the following criteria are available for selecting the appropriate addressees:

  • Specialty designations
  • Sub-specialty designations, additional designations
  • Diagnosis and therapy focus
  • Type of practitioner and type of contract: private practice or employed, clinicians with management function, billing via health insurance funds, purely private or authorized
  • Degree of patient satisfaction
  • Degree of medical reputation
  • Practice equipment: equipment, provisions for accessibility
  • Geographic and sociographic information: house number coordinates, information on catchment area (large city, small town, rural region)
  • Biographical key points: Length of service, details of career path
  • Experience and interests: Technology affinity, interest in media contacts, physician pro bono involvement.

Alternative: Contact by letter

Even though contact by e-mail has become standard nowadays, the information can of course also be sent to the desired target group by letter. Feel free to contact us – we will find the right solution for you.

Portraitfoto des Zitatgebers.

“For physicians, continuing education is an intrinsic part of their work. The guiding idea of the science calendar ‘short, concise, informative’ could not be better chosen.”

Univ.-Prof. Dr. med. habil. Tobias Renkawitz, Medical Director of the Clinic for Orthopedics and Trauma Surgery Heidelberg