The Public Health Foundation reviews Health-related Publications and Websites

Providing certifications is one of the Public Health Foundation’s statutory tasks. Upon seeing the Public Health Foundation’s seal of quality, a consumer can conclude that the information provided is objectively correct and comprehensible. In certifying medical guidebooks, publications with patient information and websites, the Public Health Foundation pursues its objective of creating more transparency in healthcare and providing orientation.

Certifications Keep Pace with Modern Media

The certification of medical guidebooks began as early as 1996. CDs and audio books were included shortly thereafter and today the Public Health Foundation also certifies websites with its seal of quality “Geprüfte Homepage” (Certified Website).

Certifications of literature for young and old
There are plenty medical guidebooks – our certification shows that books or websites are correct and comprehensible.

Further Information

Certification of Websites (German)

Certification of Print Publications (German)

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