The Public Health Foundation Support Association

Image: Logo The Public Health Foundation Support AssociationThe Public Health Foundation Support Association has been established to help the foundation with its tasks. As an operative foundation, the Public Health Foundation runs its own projects in order to promote transparency and provide orientation to patients in the complex and often confusing field of healthcare. In accordance with the principle of social entrepreneurship, projects that create financial revenue help to fund new projects while maintaining and expanding existing ones to the betterment of all.

However, sometimes the Public Health Foundation needs extra help. Especially when it comes to starting new projects, the Support Association’s assistance is required. Individuals, who valued the Public Health Foundation’s work and wanted to help, founded the Support Association in 1999. Since the legal status of a foundation does not allow membership, the Support Association was established as a registered association. The Support Association is not-for-profit. Its strength derives from its members. They help the foundation in its fundraising and support it in implementing its statutory objectives.

Accessible Medical Care: Our Projects

The Support Association is particularly involved in projects concerning accessible medical care for patients, some of which it carries out in its own right. For example: The association funds the entire project “Fully accessible practice”. This extension of the Arzt-Auskunft (Doctor Search) provides detailed information on the individual components of accessibility in doctors’ offices throughout Germany.
For further information on the Support Association, its objectives, and an opportunity to support our work with an online donation, please visit: