Our Partners

In order to implement out statutory objectives, we, the Public Health Foundation, work with numerous business partners. This collaboration often results in a long and successful partnership or leads to a project-related cooperation for a specified period of time. We have projects in a wide range of healthcare-related fields: law, medicine, public transport, and also on a charitable basis. Through good cooperation with our partners we are able to implement projects fast and efficiently. This makes sure that our work reaches and benefits a large group of consumers.

Arzt-Auskunft (Doctor Search) Partners

Many different licensees use the Arzt-Auskunft (in German). One of our longest-serving partner is the online healthcare portal NetDoktor.de. Since that time, many other health-related websites have followed and integrated a customized version of the Arzt-Auskunft into their website.

Further information

The Arzt-Auskunft Professional is the structured data base which compiles a detailed list of providers of healthcare services in Germany. This instrument is used by public and private health insurance comapanies and other organizations in the healthcare sector, for instance for their patient information.

Further information on Arzt-Auskunft Professional.

Logo: Cooperation Partner - Project Namo

Project “Namo”

Project “Namo” fosters the mobility of senior citizens and people with disabilities by providing relevant information through an electronic device for passengers. This travel assistant helps people plan a journey from door to door using accessible public transport to destinations which include family practices and hospitals. One of the Support Association’s partners in this project is the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund, a regional provider of public transport, which will also implement the device in a test area.

Further information on project „Namo“ (in German)

Logo: Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs

The Public Health Foundation’s Arzt-Auskunft has been incorporated on einfach-teilhaben.de (simply take part), a website for people with disabilities, run by the Federal Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. Thus, users of the website have the opportunity to search for doctors and at the same time find information on the accessibility of the respective practice. Additionally, the Arzt-Auskunft itself is fully accessible on that website and therefore can be used by a large number of people.

Further information on the project Accessible Practice