The Arzt-Explorer (Research Tool)

Statistical Analyses for Data Journalists and Scientists

Heat-Maps von Deutschland und Hamburg.
With the Arzt-Explorer, around 4.500 selection criteria of the Structured Directory are available to generate heat maps for different analyses.

The Arzt-Explorer (Arzt = physician) is an interactive research tool for statistical analyses: It provides journalists and scientists with aggregated data and heat maps reflecting the current health care landscape in Germany. How are the more than 15,000 specialists in gynecology and obstetrics distributed throughout Germany? Where do you find the largest number of dentists specializing in anxiety patients? Which areas are underserved for special needs, such as e.g. provisions for visually impaired patients? With the Arzt-Explorer, you’ll get the answers you need.

Scalable from Germany-wide to specific locations

For an analysis, you simply enter your desired selection criteria in the search form. With one click on “Analysieren”, the Arzt-Explorer evaluates them, displays the aggregated data as a numerical value, and generates a corresponding heat map – scalable from nationwide to individual medical care locations. If desired, you can also display two different results side-by-side: This allows you to directly compare two maps and observe how a changed parameter affects the result.

Forecasts for the development

Zwei Heat-Maps von Deutschland.
A look at the future: While there are 68,998 physicians listed as primary care physicians in the Structured Directory today (left heatmap), Arzt-Explorer predicts that ten years from now, there will be only 58,216 (right heatmap).

The Arzt-Explorer also makes it possible to take a look at developments in the coming years. Based on the current age structure and the statistical characteristics of the young physicians who are currently starting their work life, the tool can forecast what the care landscape will look like in five or ten years if current trends continue. This makes it possible, for example, to identify future bottlenecks in health care.

The basis: The Structured Directory of Medical Care

The Arzt-Explorer is based on our Structured Directory of Medical Care. It includes every medical care center and every physician in patient care throughout Germany – with all their specialties and sub-specialties as well as diagnostic and therapeutic focuses. In addition, the Directory contains more information which you can also use as search criteria, including but not limited to:

  • geographical information (allowing for nationwide search or narrowing down to state, city or postal code area)
  • possibilities to make an appointment (online, fax or callback)
  • billing methods
  • consultation hours including evening and weekend consultations
  • patient rating
  • medical reputation
  • patient services (e.g., home visits, reminders about preventive checkups)
  • information on waiting times
  • language skills in the practices
  • differentiated degrees of accessibility (e.g., provisions for patients with visual or hearing impairments, step-free access)

Get your trial access

You would like to try out the Arzt-Explorer or use it professionally? We will gladly provide you with a test account or talk to you about a long-term cooperation. Call us at 040 80 90 87 – 0 or send us an e-mail to

Portraitfoto des Zitatgebers.

“Our goal at NDR is more transparent journalism that uses previously inaccessible information to create an evidence-based classification for the audience. Health care is always an important topic in this context. The Stiftung Gesundheit is therefore making a timely move with the data it is offering journalists in the new Arzt-Explorer.”

Björn Schwentker, Data Journalist at NDR