Business Ethics and Social Entrepreneurship

Haus 1 , Touro College Berlin

Der Spiegel in its recent article about MBA students noted that the number of students in some MBA programs increased as jobs declined as result of slowing economies in Europe and America. In the future employers might wish to focus on these students as economies pick up. They have demonstrated their flexibility and desire to take advantage of reasonable opportunities to better prepare themselves professionally, necessary characteristics of a successful business leader.

The rising interest of some of today’s students in social entrepreneurship is another good sign. Touro College, where I am the dean of its MBA program on Touro’s Berlin campus, has offered for over a decade business ethics courses in both its undergraduate and graduate business programs. These courses are offered on Touro’s main campus in the financial district of Manhattan as well as its branch campuses in Paris, Moscow and Berlin. (Touro is an American college accredited by the Commission of Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools.)

In the MBA program this spring in Berlin in addition to offering our business ethics course we are offering a course in management of not-for-profit organizations. We are fortunate to have Dr. Peter Mueller, head of Stiftung Gesundheit, teach the course. Dr Mueller’s enthusiasm for social entrepreneurship and his first-hand experience in successfully establishing a not-for profit organization are significant and unique benefits to our students interested in careers of in social entrepreneurship.

von Prof. Paul Kiefer 12. April 2013